Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Essential Oil Emergency Kit for Animals

When you're out on the trail, or even in your backyard on a holiday weekend, and something happens to your pet, there are sometimes difficult challenges to be faced. The nearest veterinary clinic may be miles away, you could be miles from home on a weekend afternoon, or you may have no way to transport your injured pet.  What do you do?  A kit of Young Living Essential Oils may be the answer!

Here is a simple list of some of the most common essential oils that can be kept available at home, or carried along with you in case of a pet emergency.  This list is merely a partial list, which consists of oils that cover most conditions in the least number of bottles.  There are many other oils that may be substituted if your pet is more tolerant of one oil over another.  The emergency kit can be used for all pets . . . . and, with proper dilution, all pets can benefit from the wonderful essential oils that nature has provided for us.

The Young Living Essential Oil Emergency Kit

~ Purification is useful for external parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. It provides protection from infectious agents as well. Because of the ease of transmission and the number of ticks carrying diseases, it is especially important for use with ticks.

~ Thieves is the strongest antimicrobial blend available.  The oils of clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and lemon have been shown to be more effective than antibiotics. It is useful in wounds, abrasions, and lacerations. It is the primary oil for dental problems. It is used as a safe alternative to chemicals to clean areas that are contaminated. It is even safe for kittens and puppies.

~ Melrose is useful in conjunction with R.C. and Raven for respiratory infections. If Thieves in not tolerated well, this blend can also be used for wounds, lacerations, and abrasions. Use this blend for respiratory and urinary tract conditions. It is very useful for cats that have bladder inflammation that are not responding to conventional therapy. It is used for chronic feline urinary syndrome as well. It is also the best oil for sinus infections ~ especially the chronic feline rhinosinusitis.

~ Raven is another respiratory and urinary tract essential oil. It is more powerful than and covers oils not found in R.C. Together the two blends complement each other.

~ Di-Gize helps with most gastrointestinal conditions. Diarrhea, vomiting, and internal parasites are all treated with this combination of essential oils. Often, nutmeg or ginger can be added to give added nausea relief.

~ M-Grain provides relief from headaches that follow an upper respiratory tract infection due to sinus pressure caused by colds, sneezing, and coughs.  


~ PanAway provides relief from pain often experienced by older pets who suffer from osteoarthritis. It also relaxes the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It can be used alone, or with other pain relieving oils. It is very effective on acute injury. Using a moist towel over the area increases the effectiveness of the oils.

~ Relieve It has also been found to be effective for pain, especially acute pain. Alternate use with PanAway has shown to increase the range of pain relief in general Often this blend is combined with PanAway to help with severe sinus pain as well.  

~ Peace & Calming is just one of the blends used for stress, fear, anxiety, and behavior problems. It is used with other methods of behavioral modification and training to help calm both the pet and the pet parent. Because it reduces anxiety in the pet parent (which is a percentage of the stress component of the pet), it also helps to reduce the anxiety and stress of the pet. The blend is also useful with an injured pet, since its calming effects help the pet so other methods of care or transport to an emergency facility can be rendered. It has also been useful in cats that are resistant to other forms of treatment for stress-related urinary issues or excessive grooming.

These are the basic emergency kit essential oils that every pet parent should have handy.  They are versatile and cover many conditions. The essential oils come in 5 ml or 15 ml bottles, however you can also make your own smaller travel sizes of each oil with 5/8 ml dram sample bottles, which are great for taking along on short outings. Using only a drop or two is sufficient in many cases, therefore the smaller bottles are easily transported in a backpack, purse, or with a handy carrying case that clips onto your belt or bag!

Should you wish to get started with your own oils and products, I recommend that you enroll as a wholesale member in Young Living by purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, which gives you the Everyday Oils, a bonus oil called Stress Away, a Home Diffuser, as well as samples to try or share. This is an excellent investment in your health, as well as the health of your animals. 

You also have the option of joining as a Retail Member, as opposed to a Wholesale Member, so it is completely up to you. There are also options for monthly Essential Rewards orders, which earn you points that you can spend on additional products, as well as promotional items every month that you can earn for free, just by shopping for what you already need. 

Please ask me for additional information, or you may learn more by logging on to:

www.NaturalLivingEssentialOils.com  (then click on the Contact page for more info)

Thank you for joining me on this wonderfully holistic journey. I am truly grateful to have you here with me and look forward to helping you any way I can! ♥

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