Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Essential Oils for Cats

Cats present their own unique controversies and requirements to essential oil use.  Most cat owners would agree that cats have distinct opinions of the world in which they allow us to co-exist, and this certainly holds true for aromatherapy. Cats are likely very proud of the fact that they are indeed the most contested topic in the world of essential oil use.  Human viewpoints of this subject range from the adamant stance that essential oils cannot be used safely for cats, to those who use contraindicated essential oils on a daily basis for their felines.

Essential oils for cats (and other animals) is a highly controversial topic, however, it really is an argument that boils down to the quality of the essential oils.  Rest assured that ALL of the oils we recommend for use on your animals have been tested for safety and effectiveness prior to us recommending them to you.  The one factor that we stress is to ONLY use therapeutic grade essential oils, and the only one we recommend is Young Living Essential Oils, as they are tried and true for more than 20 years.

Cats are sensitive to most synthetically made products and "natural products" as well as some essential oils . . . . even if we are not aware of it!  We bring this up as many of us have sensitivities to food, household cleaners, hair and skin products, etc., however, we may not recognize it because most of us are just not that tuned into our bodies and our environment. We may only recognize a change when we cease using certain products or stop eating a particular food item.

Have you ever considered the toxicity to your pets when you bomb your home with synthetic air fresheners, household cleaners or carpet cleaners?  Our pets have extremely sensitive noses and much smaller lungs, so subjecting them to breathing in chemicals and other toxic substances can do a lot of damage.

Many health problems today for humans, as well as for pets, can be traced back to toxicity within their environment, whether it's diet, personal care, or household products. 

Thankfully, there is something we can do about it!  Make a commitment to using non-toxic, holistic cleaning supplies, as well as diffusing healthy essential oils in your home and workplace for yourself and for your pets. 

Essential oils are the perfect solution for us and for our animals. Essential oils can replace most toxic medications for cats, dogs, birds, horses and any other living creature.  There are some oils that we cannot use on certain animals, cats included, so please do be careful and please ask us for guidance if you are not sure.  It is better to be safe than sorry, and the reason Holistic Pets & Peeps! exists is to educate folks on the proper usage of essential oils for their pets, as well as for themselves.

Some of the best essential oils for cats include Lavender, Oregano, Thieves and Peace & Calming, however, there are many other oils and nutritional products that are also quite effective!  Remember to always use therapeutic grade essential oils from a trusted source, such as Young Living.  There IS a difference, as demonstrated in the graph below.  

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