Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Animals ~ Frankincense

Frankincense of the carteri variety is often referred to as “regular Frankincense” as opposed to Sacred Frankincense.  Frankincense is likely one of the most important and well used oils in the animal world.  It has been used with every species, in almost every way imaginable. It is incredibly safe, well tolerated, versatile and effective.  Major conditions in which Frankincense is used include all forms of cancer, tumors, cysts, behavioral conditions, depression, brain disorders, seizures, immune system stimulation and regulation, autoimmune disorders, DNA repair, and more. Frankincense is considered a "life force" oil and has been used extensively in critical cases in many holistic veterinary hospitals. The use of Frankincense in times of transition and death is incredibly helpful to the animal, as well as to the animal's guardian.

Frankincense also appears to magnify and enhance the effects of other essential oils when they are used concurrently.  Frankincense is also found in many essential oil blends and products, which can be utilized in animals.

Frankincense has been used many, many ways in all animals:  butterflies have dipped their feet in it, honey bees have had cotton-ball diffusers placed in their bee hives, birds have been misted with water-based solutions, fish have had it added to their aquariums, it has been ingested in large amounts in many species, rabbits and guinea pigs have been pet with it, and it has been diffused in a variety of ways.

Common ways to use Frankincense on all animals including Birds & Exotics, Cats, Dogs & Large Animals:  Adding one drop or more to 1 liter of drinking water, adding one drop, (or more) to 1 tablespoon of food, adding to a Species Specific Raindrop Technique, water misting with 4 drops(or more) added to 4 ounces of distilled water, via petting (neat or diluted) direct application (neat or diluted) indirect diffusion, and water diffusion.

For more information on treating your animals, or for addressing a specific condition, please consult The Animal Desk Reference ~ Essential Oils for Animals book, or contact us for further assistance. 

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Source:  The Animal Desk Reference ~ Essential Oils for Animals 

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