Monday, September 29, 2014

The Benefits of Essential Oils for Animals ~ Purification

Purification Essential Oil blend is excellent at eliminating odors;  from skunk smell to doggy odor. Purification can be added to Animal Scents Shampoo or Thieves Household Cleaner for an extra therapeutic and de-skunking bath.  Purification diffusion is critical in animal environments for the control of odors, reduction of transmission of disease, and boosting the immune system.  Purification is the "go-to" oil for external parasites as well, and has been used in all species of animals for this purpose.  Purification is excellent for kennel cough, fungal respiratory infections, ear mites, ear infections, lacerations, abscesses, wounds, insect bites, insect repellant, external parasites, and upper respiratory infections. 

Birds & Exotics:  Purification has been used in many ways for these animals. Addition into Species Specific Raindrop Technique, water mister (4 drops in 4 ounces of distilled water), direct topical application (neat and diluted), addition to soaking water (1 drop per liter), water diffusion (including caging and tenting), addition into Animal Scents Ointment or Shampoo (1 drop per tablespoon), and via Petting (diluted or neat).  Oral use is not generally used in these species.

Cats:  The most cat-friendly ways to use Purification is by addition into Kitty Raindrop Technique, water diffusion (including caging and tenting), Petting (neat or diluted), water misting (when tolerated), direct topical application (diluted or neat ~ especially for ear mites and abscesses), and Litteroma.  For Ear Mites, 1 drop of Purification is places onto a cotton swab and swabbed inside the infected ear. Care must be taken not to have oil drip directly into the ear canal.  Please consult the ADR for more explanation into these conditions.  Oral use in cats is generally limited to ingestion by grooming.

Dogs & Larger Animals:  These animals can use Purification in all of the external methods as described in Physical Use of Essential Oil Blends, which is as follows:

The blends can largely be used much more extensively in these species.  If a blend is indicated for oral use in humans, then it can generally be consumed for these species quite easily.  All of the methods of application can usually be used, including insertion into Raindrop Technique, water and air diffusion, Petting (neat or diluted), direct topical application (diluted or neat), addition into various carriers (Animal Scents Ointment, V-6, Massage Oils), or added to pools and soaking water. Purification is not commonly used by ingestion.

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Excerpted from The Animal Desk Reference guide by Melissa Shelton, DVM

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